Release Notes – Easy Modal – Version 2.0.0

Easy Modal

In v2.0.0, we’ve fixed many bugs and revamped the entire code base utilizing Hooks & Filters, plus many other code enhancements. As well, enjoy many new features and graphical enhancements, and now introducing EasyModal Add Ons!

Easy Modal v2.0.0

  • Bug
    • Most bugs from previous versions have been addressed!
  • Improvement
    • EasyModal has been rewritten to support platforming, extendability, and customization
    • Introduced EasyModal Add Ons as part of the platform
    • Introduced Hooks & Filters Code Base as part of the extendability and customization of the plug-in
    • There are now triple the theme settings, including:
    • Pixel perfect positioning of the modal container, its’ shadows, and its’ text shadows
    • Pixel perfect positioning of the close button, its’ shadows, and its’ text shadows
    • Create your own custom background images for the overlay, modal container and close button (Pro Only)
    • Modals now have an additional animation type and smoother animations, plus you can customize the animations’ origins and finish positions
    • We have added modal positioning options to both set the modal to fixed positioning as well as the ability to place it:
    • To the right, to the left, on the bottom, or on the top
    • Plus, use associated settings to place the modal exactly where you want, down to the pixel!
    • Added the ability to use Auto Open Modals on scroll position (Pro Only)
    • Plus many, many more options to personalize and customize your modal any way you like!
  • Add Ons
    • Added the EasyModal Pro Add On
    • This add on upgrades your Core Version to the Pro Version
    • Added the Exit Modals Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on allows you to create modals and pop-ups that appear when a user attempts to leave or exit your site
    • Added the Login Modals Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on gives you the ability to have login forms appear in a pop-up
    • Added the Import/Export Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on imports and exports settings from the EasyModal Plug-In
    • Added the Age Verification Add On (Pro & Pro Developer Only)
    • This add on will pop-up and prompt users to verify their age by inputting the information in a form (or drop down), or use a simple button (click to proceed) format