Release Notes – Easy Modal – Version 1.3

Easy Modal v1.3

In v1.3 we added the ability to create modals inline using shortcodes and fixed quite a few bugs. With a few other small improvements listed below this is an awesome new version.


  • [EM-5] – Modal is off-center on mobile screens
  • [EM-6] – Fatal error: easy-modal-pro.php:122
  • [EM-7] – Modal title styles not applied
  • [EM-8] – Registration modal not working properly.
  • [EM-19] – [thirstylink linkid=”74″ linktext=”Gravity Form” class=”thirstylink” title=”Gravity Forms”] detection and auto load scripts.


  • [EM-4] – Added modal shortcode.
  • [EM-48] – Add modal display setting on modal list. Site wide etc.
  • [EM-52] – Move jQuery animate color script to its own file and enqueue.