Release Notes – Easy Modal – Version 2.0.14

Version 2.0.14 fixes some important problems and bugs, and adds several improvements. Plus, social sharing discounts are now available!

Social Sharing Discounts

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v2.0.14 Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed a bug with visibility that happened before a modal is opened.
  • Fixed misconfiguration in admin javascript.
  • Fixed bug in click even for modal links.
  • Fixed an issue with responsive modals.
  • Fixed issue with trashed modals appearing in drop downs.
  • Fixed compatibility issues by adding jquery-ui-core.


  • Updated the visuals for default theme options to make them more user friendly.
  • Added per_page parameter and changed default to 10 per page.
  • Moved convert_hex into emodal utitlities.
  • Removed unused is_active column from tables.
  • Reorganized some triggers.
  • Added default modal settings.