Easy Modal WordPress Plugin v1.2 Is Here.

Easy Modal v1.2

The main goal going into this version was organization & optimization foremost followed by some great new WOW features. Just before v1.2 we introduced the Visual Theme Editor and the response was great. So let’s get into the new features and changes.

With the release of v1.2 of the Easy Modal WordPress plugin there were a lot of changes. I will try to outline the bulk of these changes below.

Easy Modal WordPress plugin v1.2 Changes

 New Features

  • 19 customizable animations
  • Responsive or custom sized modals
  • Customizable close options
  • Modal classes via the editor
  • Load modals on every page or just certain pages
  • Allows custom JS functions to open & close modals

Pro Features Added

  • Disable close icon
  • Force user login modal ( per page / post or site wide )
  • Set modal to auto open ( per page / post and/or site wide
  • Set modal to open on exit ( per page / post and/or site wide )
  • Export / Import settings, modals & themes

Core Changes

  • Modals now get preloaded in the footer. (This addressed many of the issues with forms and other plugins not functioning properly)
  • You can choose to load a modal on one page or every page (site wide) or on a per page basis
  • We fixed many possible security flaws including adding nonce and validation to all forms and links for admin area.
  • Upgrade path from free to pro has been greatly improved. Now you simply enter your license key in the free version and then check for updates. Your pro features will unlock when you update with a valid key.

We have had a lot of great feedback on this version already and have a list of changes already brewing for v1.3.

If you haven’t tried Easy Modal for WordPress yet check it out