Unlimited Themes Getting Started

Unlimited Themes Getting Started

This guide is going to help you get started theming your popups and marketing your content like never before!

In this guide, we’re going to show you the basics of using and attaching themes to your modals.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on actually editing Themes, then you’ll want to read this section of our fantastic Easy Modal Getting Started.

Download & Install

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Unlimited Themes Addon, you will now have the ability to create as many themes as you like using the Theme Menu. Once at the Themes Menu, click Add New to theme your popups!

Theme Your Pop Ups - Unlimited Themes

Add a New Theme under the Themes Menu in the WordPress Admin.

Attaching a Theme to a Popup

Theme Your Pop Ups - Using a Theme

Selecting a Theme from the Modal General Settings Tab.

To theme your popups, select one of them from the Modals Menu. The General Settings Tab will load by default, and you can then select your theme from the Themes Drop Down Menu. This functionality allows you to create themes for specific popup, specific pages, and specific users.

Attaching a Theme to a Specific Page/Post

To theme your popups for a specific page, post or user, select your specific page or post you want this theme to apply to. Keep in mind, this theme will only appear on this page or post. Set your modal Load Type to Per Page/Post, and select your Theme.

Using Short Codes to Theme Your Popups

The above instructions are great if you’re dealing with only a few popups, but what do you do if you have a bunch of popups and want different themes with different content? Adding a Theme via Short Codes can be very handy for special situations like this and on-the-fly work.

For example, if you were working with many modals with varying themes while building your pages in WordPress, it can be very beneficial to simply call your popups using Short Codes and attach the theme using the Short Code Attribute:

[modal id="EasyModalTest" theme=2] Contents of Popup[/modal]

The Short Code Attribute we’re looking at is Theme. Select your Theme in the Short Code by inputting the number of the order in which it appears on the Modals Menu.

The Theme in this sample code is number 2, which corresponds to the “Addon Buy Now Modals” Theme if we use the first screen shot above as an example. In this example, if I wanted my theme to be the “2013 Theme,” I would input the number “1” for the Theme Short Code Attribute Value because that theme is the first theme listed on the Modals Menu.

All Done

For more technical information and Documentation, visit the Support Page or read more about this addon on the Unlimited Themes Addon Page.

Unlimited Themes

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