Scroll Open Getting Started

Scroll Open Getting Started

This guide will teach you the basics on how to get the most out of your content in minutes using the Scroll Pops Addon.

Scroll Open popups are a twist to standard Auto Open popups – this guide will get you started and you’ll have Scroll Pops on your site in no time.

Download & Install

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Scroll Pops, you will now have the Scroll Pops Menu available for use.

Enabling Scroll Pops Site Wide or Per Page/Post

Scroll Open Popups - Disabled

To enable Scroll Open Popups, select a previously created modal from the drop down menu.

Purchasing this Add On unlocks the Scroll Pops section in the WordPress Admin. Clicking it will take you to our GUI for creating these modals. To enable Scroll Open Popups you will need to select a modal from the drop down menu (it is shown in disabled form above.)

Site Wide

To enable your Scroll Popup Site Wide, select your modal from this menu. Selecting one will enable the settings for the popup, which are discussed below.

Per Page/Post

As always, if you want to enable your Scroll Pop for just a page or post, you can do so from the Page/Post Editor. EasyModal Page/Post Settings are located at the bottom of your page/post. Note: the screen shots in this guide are from the Site Wide Settings.

Loading & Calling Your Scroll Popup

Selecting one of your popups from the Scroll Drop Down will Load and Call it automatically either Per Page/Post or Site Wide depending on your preference. Since this is a variation of Auto Open, you don’t have to check any boxes or use any code, the modal will popup automatically.

Scroll Pops Settings

Scroll Open Getting Started - Settings

After enabling Scroll Pops, settings for the modal will appear.

Since this addon is a variation of the Auto Open Addon, the settings for them are basically the same. Except, where Auto Open has Delay, Scroll Open has Distance.


You can set the distance the user has to scroll until the modal pops up in 4 different units of measurement by selecting your unit and entering your custom value:

  • Pixels
  • Percentage (%)
  • EM
  • REM

Cookie Time (required)

Set the cookie time to your preference in plain English. For example, “364 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds” will reset just before 1 year exactly. Leaving this setting blank will default the cookie time to 0 seconds.

Sitewide Cookie

If you’re running Site Wide Scroll Pops, you’ll generally want to check this so people don’t continuously get flooded by your popups (especially if you set the cookie time to a small value.)

For example, if you don’t check this box and a user views your Scroll Open popup on the Home Page, then they come back 5 minutes later, this time entering a different page, the popup will be viewed again (even though the cookie didn’t expire) because they entered on a different page.

Or, if you’re using Site Wide and your cookie time is low, leaving this unchecked could cause users to see your popup numerous times in a session. Of course, if this is what you want, then you’re welcome.

In the end, checking this box will prevent these scenarios from happening by preventing the modal from auto opening on any page until the cookie expires.

All Done

You’re all done – like we say, popups in minutes. We hope this Scroll Open Getting Started helped answer all of your questions, but if not, feel free to head over to our Support Page, or check out the Scroll Pops Addon Page for more information.

Scroll Open

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