Login Modals Getting Started

Login Modals Getting Started

This Login Modals Getting Started will teach you everything you need to know about making awesome login popups.

Our Login Modals Technology taps into the WordPress User functionality and enables you to create Login, Register & Forgot Your Password Popups without any coding or setup. Simply edit, theme, and call your popup and it’s done! No databases, no forms, no programming.

This guide will cover the basics, plus all of the settings, and get those Login Modals up and running, out-of-the-box, in minutes.

Download & Insall

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this addon, you will now have the Login Modals Menu available for use.

Enable Login Modals

Login Modals Enabled

Enable Login Modals at the top of the Login Modals General Settings Page

Once in the Login Modals Menu, check the Enable Login Modals box at the top of the General Settings Tab to enable Login Modals.

Loading Your Login Modal

Site Wide

Once you enable Login Modals, they load Site Wide by default no matter if your parent modal’s Load Type is set to Per Page/Post. This way, users will be able to Login to your website on any page you decide to call your modal on.

Per Page/Post

However, in case you want to enable a Login Modal on a per page/post basis, you’ll want to edit the page/post itself.

Login Popups - Per Page/Post

Enable a Login Popup for a specific page or post by editing the page or post itself.

At the bottom of your WordPress Page/Post you’ll find the EasyModal Page/Page Editor. Maximizing it will display a list of your existing modals, which you can pick and choose from which to load. Simply check your modal and select it from the Login Modals Drop Down, edit the settings, and this login modal will load Per Page/Post.

Login Modals Settings

There are 3 tabs that control and enable a popup window for the processes of: logging into an account, registering a new account, and forgot your password steps. You can choose to enable all of them, or just one, depending on your systems in place or how your website operates.

Login Modals General Settings - Login, Register, and Forgot Your Password Pop Ups

Login Modals Add On General Settings Tab

General Settings Tab

Login Modal

Selecting the drop down enables you to choose specifically which modal you would like to use for your login popup. If you haven’t created any modals yet, then you will not have anything to select from the drop down, respectively.

Force User Login

Checking this feature will make the modal popup automatically whenever the user lands on the page your login modal is set to load on. A necessity if you want an automatic log in popup on your page to prevent users from accessing the content behind the modal without logging in.

AJAX Loading Text

You can insert your own content into this text box so that when users log in and while the website logs them in, you can deliver an administrative note to the user. For example, when they click submit, you’re AJAX Loading Text may say, “Submitting Information” or the like.

Registration Settings Tab - Login, Register, and Forgot Your Password Pop Ups

Registration Modal Settings Tab

Registration Settings Tab

Registration Modal

If you’re looking to have a registration popup by itself or coupled with a login popup, you will select your modal from this drop down. Again, if you haven’t created any popups yet, nothing will be displayed here.

Register with Password

Checking this will show the password field in the modal. In most situations you might enable this setting, unless a password is generated for users, for example.

Auto Login New User

If your system requires that users jump through confirmation hoops before they can log in, then this feature should be left unchecked. However, if this isn’t the case, when this setting is enabled, users will register with your site in the popup, and as soon as the process is complete, users are automatically logged into your site, ready to surf – all in one step. This is a fantastic feature for streamlining account registration processes for users for their pleasure and convenience.

Forgot Password Settings Tab - Login, Register, and Forgot Your Password Pop Ups

Forgot Password Modal Settings Tab

Forgot Password Settings Tab

Forgot Password Modal

This last feature operates on the same premise as the other two, so if you want them all, then you will want to enable the latter here. Again, select the modal you wish to use for this process in the drop down.

Calling Your Login Modal

Force User Login

If you enabled the Force User Action Feature, your Login Modal will popup automatically if the user is not logged in.

Using CSS (on-the-fly or copy/paste)

You can get any element to open the Login Popup on click – just add a class of eModal-# to the element, where # is the unique ID # for your modal in the Modal Editor.

For example, to make a button open a Login Popup when you click it is as simple as:

<button class="eModal-1">Open Login Modal</button>

Easy Modal Code Snippet Examples

Copy/Paste these Easy Modal Code Snippet Examples into your code to call your modal.

You can also copy/paste the code snippets found on the Examples Tab for your particular modal.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Here’s what a sleek and intuitive Login Popup looks like with the Forgot Your Password Feature enabled.

Login Modal Example

A sleek & intuitive Login Modal.

All Done

You’re all done – out-of-the-box functionality, Login Popups in minutes. Create awesome Login Popups without any coding or setup – simply edit, theme, and call your popup, and it’s done! No databases, no forms, no programming.

If you have any questions, head over to our Support Page, or check out the Login Modals Addon Page for more information.

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