Force User Action Getting Started

Force User Action Getting Started

This guide is going to help you get started on the road to creating the most effective Force User Action Popups available.

Our wonderful Disable Close Feature can serve many purposes and provides a great solution for such problems.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can apply this setting to any modal. And, as usual, we’ll do it in minutes.

Download & Install

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Force User Action, you will now have the Disable Close Feature available for use.

Using the Disable Close Feature

Create or Select Your Modal

Choose a Modal

Modals Menu

First, use the Modals Menu to either (a) add a new modal, or (b) select an existing modal that you wish to use the Disable Close Feature.

Once you’ve created or selected your popup, you’ll be forwarded to the General Settings Tab. The Disable Close Feature is found on the Close Options Tab.

Close Options Tab

Enable Force User Action

Use these settings to properly utilize Force User Action

Click Overlay to Close

If this feature is enabled, disable it.

Press ESC to Close

If this feature is enabled, disable it.

Disable Close

Now that this feature is available, enable it.

All Done

Other Uses and Ideas

Use it in any or all of your popups. You can even combine it with other Addons for exceptional user control and funneling capabilities.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions, head over to our Support Page, or check out the Force User Action Addon Page for more information.

Force User Action

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