Age Verification Getting Started

Age Verification Getting Started

Get sleek & intuitive Age Verification Popups on your site in minutes with this Getting Started Guide

In this guide, we’re going to cover the basics of out-of-the-box Age Verification Modals Addon.

Download & Install

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this addon, you will now have the Age Verification Menu available for use.

Enable Age Verification

Site Wide

Age Verification Poups - Site Wide

Enable you’re Age Verification Modals Site Wide in the Easy Modal Age Verification Menu

Notice the only tab displayed states Site Wide, so selecting one of your modals from the drop down now enables that modal to popup automatically with age verification information throughout your website. Before we get into the specifics of settings, let’s cover Age Verification Per Page/Post.

Per Page/Post

Age Verification Poups - Per Page/Post

Enable an Age Verification Modal for a page or post by editing the page/post itself.

At the bottom of your WordPress Page/Post you’ll find the EasyModal Page/Page Editor. Maximizing it will display a list of your existing modals, which you can pick and choose from which to load.

Loading & Calling Your Age Verification Popup

Selecting one of your popups from the Age Verification Drop Down will Load and Call it automatically either Per Page/Post or Site Wide depending on your preference. You don’t have to check any boxes or use any code, and since you’re verifying information from the user, this modal with popup automatically.

Age Verification Settings

Age Verification Poups - Settings

Age Verification Modals Settings


Easy Modal gives you two options to choose the format in which you want your Age Verification Modal.

Age Verification Popup - Enter/Exit Type

Enter/Exit Type Age Verification Modal

This format simply shows two buttons that give the user the option to confirm they are of age or simply exit the website altogether.

Birth Date
Age Verification Popup - Birth Date Type

Birth Date Type Age Verification Modal

This format requires to input their actual birth date. All you have to do is set the respective age, and Easy Modal does the math for you. Out-of-the-box functionality in minutes.

Required Age

Set the required age to access your website or the specific page.

Exit URL

Input your custom URL in case users are not of appropriate age. They will be forwarded to this URL.

Cookie Time

Set the cookie time to your preference in plain English. For example, “364 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds” will reset just before 1 year exactly. Leaving this setting blank will default the cookie time to 0 seconds.

Site Wide Cookie

If you’re doing a Site Wide Age Verification Modal, and considering the fact you don’t want to give access to users until they confirm their age, generally, you’ll want to disable this feature, if it is enabled.

For example, if you check this box and a user views your Age Verification popup on the Home Page, then they come back 5 minutes later, this time entering a different page, the popup will not be viewed again (even though the cookie didn’t expire) because they entered on a different page.

All Done

You’re all done – like we say, out-of-the-box Age Verification Popups in minutes. If you have any questions, head over to our Support Page, or check out the Age Verification Addon Page for more information.

Age Verification Popups

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