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Easy Modal is, hands down, the best WordPress modal plugin. But, don't just take our word for it, listen to what Easy Modal users are saying:

I had spent weeks trying to come up with the code to do this myself when I stumbled upon this pluging that so beautifully met all my needs for a project I was working on. Had a bit of trouble figuring out how to turn it on in an individual page instead of site wide and got a quick reponse on the forums that solved all my challenges. I'm definately planning to get the PRO version and use this on other sites I develop. Great plugin!


Welcome to Easy...Modal

Easy Modal is a powerful plug-in for WordPress that can create a modal window with any text or WordPress shortcode from any other plugins in minutes, or you can create pop-up forms with CF7 or Gravity Forms. This means the possibilities for styles and function for your pop-up windows are literally endless! Create your premiere pop-up modal windows that converts users and gets you more cash, or, hire us to create your windows for you.


Visual Theme Editor

Visual Theme Editor

Quickly style your modals to match any theme using color pickers & sliders.

WYSIWYG Content Editor

WYSIWYG Content Editor

Using the built in WordPress editor you can easily add shortcodes, html and media to your modals.

Customizable Loading Animations

Customizable Loading Animations

Customize how each modal loads with 4 types of animation, 9 directions & duration times.

Responsive Modals

Responsive Modals

Create modals that look great on any screen. Great for responsive themes and mobile ready sites.

Easy Modal Features

Why Go Pro?

Unlimited Themes

Create an unlimited amount of themes for all of your modals! Creating themes is fast and easy with our color pickers and customization sliders - plus, you can save and name your themes in the Easy Modal interface.

Unlimited Modal Themes

Login & Registration Modals

Create any login or registration modals! Conjure up stunning modals that users can easily navigate and fill out, giving you the conversion, plus information you're looking for, and the visitor the satisfaction of a user friendly website interaction.

Force User Action Modals

Create Modals that forces users to interact with your website! From surveys to newsletter sign-ups, use this Pro Only Feature to get users attention and convert them into cash.

Login & Registration Modals

Auto Open Modals & Exit Popups

Create special auto open modals. Perfect for introducing a new feature to your website to all new incoming visitors. Perhaps, you've released a new product you want to put in front of every new visitor: auto open modals are great for this!

Use exit popup modals to get users to interact with your website before they officially leave.

Force User Interaction